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Item : GY293 ( For Helicopter 450~500 )
pecifications 規格

Dual- sensitivity mode control function
Input Voltage:DC 4.2 ~ 7.2 V
Current Consumption:33 mA
Size:20 x 20 x 10.5 mm
Weight:7 g
External VR1(GAIN) switch set brake(delay control function )
External VR2(REV) set REV(reverse)function

MKS GY-293 gyroscope operation instructions
Head Lock Gyroscope specification:  new function notice update (DELAY => LIMIT)
  • Working voltage : DC 4.2 ~ 7.2 V
  • Operating current : 33 mA
  • Working temperature: :-5℃ to 60℃
  • Dimension : 20 x 20 x 10.5 mm
  • Weight of the fuselage : 7 g

2.Performance of the gyroscope:
  1. Dual lock mode: Head Lock mode, and Normal mode
  2. Small size, light and simple to operate
  3. Dual sensitivity level can be switched remotely.
  4. GAIN value settable by the remote controller
  5. Limit can be adjusted by external VR1.(DELAY => LIMIT)
  6. External VR2 (REV) for adjusting REV (Reverse) level.
3.Function name and explanation:
  1. DELAY: Setting Tail Servo itinerary of the maximum. Tail servo with the remote controller rudder stick, will be played left and right rudder adjustment Knob to tail servo itinerary should not exceed the maximum scope of activities Clockwise rotation knob for range increase itinerary. Proposal could apply with the MKS company purpose servo DS9660 or S311 Digital Servo.
  2. Ps: It is relatively prone to the phenomenon of tracking to use the servo chance slower in speed.
    (propose can girdle mix our company special-purpose tail servo DS9660 or S311)
  3. REV: Lift up the helicopter, swing the nose of helicopter towards left side, if tail rudder servo swing as same direction with the remote controller rudder stick, this movement direction shows the gyroscope is set up correctly. When the movement direction of the gyroscope is incorrect, please rotate REV knob of the gyroscope to correct the direction.
  4. Ps: If the movement direction of the gyroscope set up incorrectly, it will make the helicopter be in dangerous phenomenon of high-speed rotation while taking off, please confirm repeatedly whether the movement direction of the gyroscope is correct.
4.Method of install the gyroscope:
  1. Please vertical installation MKS GY-293 GYRO gyroscope on fuselage. Following the picture 1or 2 show.
  2. don't install in the gas vent and generate heat in the position.

MKS GY-293 Fig.1 (side installs)

MKS GY-293 Fig.2 (on to install)

Step A: Link up the rudder server connector to the gyroscope.
Step B: 3Pin connector on the gyroscope is connected to the receiver
(FUTABA is CH4, JR is RUDD).
Step C: The single pin header of gyroscope GAIN connected to receiver
(FUTABA for 5CH, JR for "AUX2" or 3 of AUXs "+").

6.Connecting reference:
GAIN header must be connected to the receiver which has the sensitivity adjust function.


GY293 3 Pin connects to the receiver

GAIN is connected to the receiver

PPM/SPCM (the model under 9X)

"CH4" (RUDD)


FB (1024 serial all model) ,JR 12X

JR 12X " CH4" (RUDD)

"CH 5"

JR 10X

" CH4" (RUDD)


Futaba (T12FG, 12Z, 14MZ series): It is unable to support..
7.Using the gyroscope use and sensitivity setting:
  1. Turn on remote controller power, and turn on the receiver power.
  2. Adjust the remote controller (GAIN) LOCK position.
    (Please refer to the following picture (5), propose adjusting in order to lock the sense degree to more than 55%~60%)
  3. Before the gyroscope LED red light appears, don't move the gyroscope and helicopter (about 7 seconds), so as not to influence the center setting up among them, red light LED will turn on to show the function is normal.
  4. For the first time when using, first of all turn the outside (DELAY) knob adjusts to 0%, enter the remote controller??? Function selection menu, adjust sensitivity of the gyroscope (GAIN) until the best state, and then adjust the knob of DELAY, there will be a better result that will appear.

8.Resetting the rudder center point:

  1. Toggle the sensitivity switch of remote controller between NORMAL and LOCK at least 2 times, and stay at LOCK finally.
  2. Note: Need to have two sections of GAIN to switch over function remote controller correspondingly.

9.LED sign reference table:

LED sign

State of the gyroscope


Gyroscope has enter HEAD LOCK mode


Gyroscope in NORMAL mode

Glimmer fast

Gyroscope was turned on under NORMAL mode and cannot be initialized correctly.
Please turn gyroscope sensitivity selection switch of the remote controller to LOCK mode, then switch off the power of the receiver and switch on again.

Glimmer slowly

It shows that fail to read the rudder

Glimmers two times

The enter point of rudder has been shifted; it needed to reset the center point.

10.Adjustment before flight:

  1. Confirm your remote controller gyroscope sensitivity switch is on NORMAL position or Head Lock position. It can be checked according the states of LED light.
  2. While putting in the NORMAL mode or LOCK mode, during hovering, if find out the rudder shifts, don't adjust the fine tune on the transmitter, just only adjust the length of connecting rod for rudder, to get the rudder back to center.
  3. When the sensitivity has been adjusted to minimal, if the rudder have waving phenomenon, please change the rudder piece connecting position (holes) of tail rudder server for rod linkup, until the best state.
    PS: Propose Distance of 7~10mm.
  4. When remote controller is under Head Lock mode, and the helicopter Head Lock function is unable to fully head locked, please increase the GAIN of gyroscope to solve this problem.
P500 PWM