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Hot 3D Gyro APPLY FOR GAUI泰世科技 EP200 & EP100
pecifications 規格


Dual- sensitivity mode control function
Input Voltage:DC 4.2 ~ 7.2 V
Current Consumption:33 mA
Size:20 x 20 x 10.5 mm
Weight:7 g
External VR1(GAIN) switch set brake(delay control function )
External VR2(REV) set REV(reverse)function

MKS GY-292 gyroscope operation instructions

GY-292 Lock Head Gyro Specification

  1. Input Voltage:DC 4.2 – 7.2 V。
  2. Current Consumption:33 mA。
  3. Operation Temperature:-5℃ to 60℃。
  4. Dimension:20 x 20 x 10.5 mm。
  5. Weight:7 g。

Gyro Function

  1. Dual-rate Adjust Mode – Helicopter Head Lock and Standard Mode。
  2. Integral whole type、The physical volume is small、Weight is light。
  3. Dual-rate remote of switch control function。
  4. 6 CH setting of the minimum and maximum of GAIN value or 4 CH setting by VR1。
  5. External VR2(REV) setting REV(reverse)function。


  1. Mount Gyro on the helicopter,To avoid fixing air output and heater position。
  2. Connector mode:
    Step A:Rudder servo connects to Gyro。
    Step B:Insert GY292-3 Pin connector to receiver (FUTABA is CH4,JR is RUDD)。
    Step C:Insert GY292 ,GAIN 1 Pin connector to the receiver,FUTABA is 5CH, JR is AUX2 or AUX3, Connect to receiver sensitivity switching channel。
    Connector Form:GAIN connector required the remote of dual rate adjustment


connector to receiver
GY292  3Pin connector to receiver GY292 GAIN
JR,ZPCM “RUDD” “AUX2” + **
FUTABA,JR PPM/PCM “CH4”(RUDD)                         “CH 5”
JR PPM / SPCM                              “ RUDD “         “AUX2”or”AUX3 “ + **


Set-up and installation of Gyro

  1. Turn on the power of remote control。
  2. Remote control will to adjust to go to Lock mode。
  3. Turn on the power of receiver,Before Gyro LED light turns red,do not move Gyro and helicopter (about 7 seconds),This will influence the set-up。
  4. If use the 6 CH to above remote control can by remote control to control the GAIN size,use the 4 CH to remote control is controled the GAIN size by VR1。Need the attention:use the 4 CH to remote control need GAIN of the list deals with contact to connect the ground。
  5. Reset the central point of the tail rudder。The feeling switch of the remote control at general mode with target the mode quickly cut over at least 2 times,finally must be stop in to lock mode。

Light Table:


Light Display GY292 Status
LED ON Enters to lock a mode      
LED OFF                                           Entering the initial or power supply close (about 7 second)
Fast flash Did not enter lock mode
Slowly flash  Did not input single tail Rudder joystick
flash two time It is turn the tail rudder joystick。

Adjustment before operation

  1. Ensure the switch dual-rate gyro is on the standard mode or lock mode,This can be checked on the Rudder servo。
  2. In lock mode,direction servo acts to single side to the maximum。
  3. When selecting lock mode to fly helicopter,it has to keep the rotor blade stop。If tail moves to another side, you can use transmitter adjustment to adjust tail move back to neutral
  4. In standard mode,if you find the tail is not functioning well,don’t adjust transmitter,But only adjust tail and back to neutral。
  5. If the tail shakes when dual-rate adjust to the lowest position,you may move Rudder servo to proper position(suggest to adjust to the forth)。
  1. Remote control while locking a mode to descend,find the helicopter lock a function is not enough,please chase the feeling enlargement of the top instrument then
  2. Method of install the gyroscope:
    .Please vertical installation MKS GY-293 GYRO gyroscope on fuselage. Following the picture 1or 2 show.
    .don't install in the gas vent and generate heat in the position.


MKS GY-292 Fig.1 (side installs)

MKS GY-292 Fig.2 (on to install)

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